Chinese Premier Visit: 8 Agreements/MoUs inked between India & China

Li Keqiang, Manmohan Singh

  • Chinese Premier Li Keqiang made his first foreign visit to India on 19 May 2013 in a bid to resolve border disputes and to stimulate economic relations.
  • On 20 May 2013 eight agreements were signed after delegation-level talks between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his Chinese counterpart.
  • Below the list of eight agreements signed between the two nations…
  1. Kailash Mansarovar Yatra :- Both sides have agreed to conduct the Indian official pilgrimage to the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. The Yatra will take place every year from May to September.
  2. Work programmes of three working groups under Joint Economic Group between Ministry of Commerce & Industry, India, and Ministry of Commerce, China :- To enhance trade, both the sides decided to set up three working groups under the Joint Economic Group. The three working groups under the Joint Economic Group are: (i)Services Trade Promotion Working Group, (ii)Economic And Trade Planning Cooperation and (iii)Trade Statistical Analysis
  3. MoU on buffalo meat, fishery products and agreement on feed and feed ingredients: – It aims at strengthening mutual cooperation in trade and safety of buffalo meat, fishery products and feed and feed ingredients. It also aims to meet the regulatory requirements with respect to safety, hygiene and quarantine.
  4. MoU on cooperation in the field of sewage treatment: – The MoU aims at enhancing cooperation in the field of sewage treatment and sharing experience in the areas of mutual interest in the urban sectors.
  5. MoU on cooperation in the field of water efficient irrigation: – It aims at enhancing bilateral cooperation in the field of water efficient technology with applicability in the area of agriculture and exchange of best practices.
  6. MoU on cooperation in mutual translation and publication of classic and contemporary works:- The MoU provides for a Joint Working Group that will coordinate translation and publication of 25 books of classic and contemporary works of each side over a period of 5 years in to Chinese and Indian languages respectively.
  7. MoU on provision of hydrological information of the Yaluzangbu/Brahmaputra river in flood season by China to India: – China will provide India with information of water level, discharge and rainfall of 8:00 hrs and 20:00 hrs (Beijing Time) twice a day from June 1 to October 15 each year in respect of three hydrological stations on the mainstream Brahmaputra river.
  8. Agreement to facilitate cooperation and linkages between Indian and Chinese cities and states/provinces:- Both sides agreed to identify sister cities and sister states/provinces in India and China with a view to establishing relationships between them in areas of mutual interest for enhancing greater people to people contacts.

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