Rami Hamdallah Appointed as the New Prime Minister of Palestine


  • On 2 June 2013, the President of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas has appointed Rami Hamdallah as his new prime minister.
  • 54 year old Hamdallah will replace Salaam Fayyad who resigned in April, 2013 after clashes with Abbas over the limits of his authority, but continued to perform his duties and led a caretaker government until now.
  • President Abbas has designated Rami Hamdallah to form a new cabinet.
  • Under Palestinian law, Hamdallah has up to six weeks to form a government.
  • Hamdallah, who has been president of An-Najah National University in the West Bank’s largest city Nablus since 1998, has no prior government experience.
  • It is to be noted that in April. 2013 Abbas and the Islamist Hamas movement, agreed in principle to form a unity government for the divided Palestinian territories.
  • However, Hamas condemned the appointment of a new prime minister in the without prior consulting with them and called the move “illegal”.
  • Hamas has been in power in Gaza since 2007, while rival Palestinian faction Fatah holds sway in the West Bank.
  • Hamas and Fatah signed a reconciliation deal to end their bitter four-year division in April 2011, but talks on the formation of a Palestinian unity government have been stalled until April, 2013.

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