China’s Defence Budget Hike

  • 5 March, 2014 China announced a biggest hike of 12.2 percent in defence budget.
  • The Chinese Government spends 808.2 billion Yuan or 130 billion US Dollar in 2014-15 on Defence.
  • This reflected an 18 billion Dollar rise from the previous year, when the budget rose by 10.7 percent and the highest percentage increase since, 2011, when Chinese government spending was hiked by 12.7 percent.
  • In contrast ;Global recessionary trends seems to have cast their  shadow on Indian defence spending .it was actually fell from last year ;down to 3602 billion Dollar from 37.5 billion Dollar.
  • China’s plan to hike the spending on the defence this year come amid its stand off with Japan and US push into Asia pacific which was recently marked by territorial tension. China also seeks to increase its influence in the Asia pacific.
  • According the resources, china was facing increasing strategic pressure with some countries in Asia; speeding up strategic adjustments and strengthening military alliances.
  • Strategic analyst C. Uday Bhaskar said; China is taking its national security requirements in a very serious, focused and determined manner which is a contrast to the Indian example.
  • India is top market for defence hardware, buying some 12.7 billion Dollars in arms during 2007-11, according to the Stockholm international peace research institute.

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