G SAT-7 : First Indian Satellite Dedicated to the Service of Military Communication

‘INMARSAT’ WAS ESTABLISHED IN THE YEAR 1979. It’s head office is in London, U.K. INMARSAT’s main aim was to launch and establish satellites in the space to provide facility to the member of the ‘INMARSAT’ in the communication between the ships in the remote corners of seas and Oceans. Till now Indian navy was also using the facilities of ‘INMARSAT’ for communication between it’s ships. With the launch of indigenous satellite G SAT-7 in the space Indian Navy’s sea communication between it’s ships would be fulfilled by it.

Eutelsat 25B & GSAT-7 on Ariane 5 Rocket (VA-215)

  • 30 August 2013 India’s first ultra modern and highly developed defense communication satellite GSAT-7 (INSAT-4F) was launched from AREAN-5 rocket from ‘Keru Space Centre’ situated in French Guana of South America.
  • The most powerful rocket of Ariane-5 series ‘Ariane-5 ECA’ was used to launch it.
  • Ariane -5 established it in Geo-t….. Orbit (GTO) in 34 minutes 25 seconds.
  • Between 30 October to 3 September 2013, in three phases it was established 36000 k.m. above equator in Geostationary Orbit.
  • It is to be primarily used by the Indian Navy so it is Named “Rukmini”.
  • It is the 17th satellite of ISRO to be launched by the rockets of Ariane series.
  • India used the facility of Ariane rocket for the first time in 1981 for the launch of Ariane Passenger Payload Experiment.
  • G SAAT-7 has UHF,S,C and KU band transponders.
  • With the weight of 2650 k.g., G SAAT-7 is ISRO’s 4th generation Satellite.
  • The Satellite will help in developing communication between the naval ships in seas/oceans and their control centers on land.
  • It will help in military and strategic communication in entire india and will be used by Army and Airforce.
  • With G SAT -7 another satellite EUTELSAT 25B/Es’hail-1 was launched by Ariane-5.
  • EUTELSAT25B/Es’hail-1 is a satellite which has been developed by the joint co-operation of European company EUTELSAT and a company of Qutar Es’hailSAT

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